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Birthplace: Baltimore, MD

Education: (High School, College, Univ., Tech School, Military, etc…): US Navy

First Job:  Sound Waves Record Store (was the master of “do you have that song that goes oomp bump pow-pow tee boom boom boom?”)

Family Ties: (Married; how long, kids; how many, siblings; how many, etc…)  Single; 2 sisters and a brother

Hobbies/Interests:  Walking on the beach, sunsets, furry kittens in wicker baskets, scones and cream.

Guilty Pleasure:Reality television

Favorite Pets: A horsefly named Boomer

Favorite Artist/Song: Travis Tritt, “Anymore”

How did you end up working at KVAY?  I knew I should have made that right turn in Albuquerque!

If you could add or change one thing to the Lamar area, what would it be?  I think people everywhere, not just Lamar, have become more self-possessed. We’re all in this together!

Who did you want to be like when you were growing up? Speed Racer

If you could meet one person past, present or future who would it be and why? Johnny Cash! No one has ever bridged rock and country like he could.

If you were granted one wish, what would it be and why? To be 10 years old with the wisdom I have now and the opportunity to do it all over again!

What was the last book you read? Duma Key, Stephen King

If you could spend a whole day with somebody famous, who would it be?  Paris Hilton because I must be missing something!

What's your favorite candy and soda?  Lemonheads and Diet Coke!