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Birthplace: Pueblo CO.

Education: (High School-Springfield High School, College- CSU-P)  

First Job: Not counting working for my parents. Farming for R.B. Dunn in Two Buttes

Family Ties: Not married, no kids, 1 sister, 1 step sister, 1 step brother.

Hobbies/Interests:  weight training, sports, riding my four-wheeler, fishing, hunting, being outdoors.

Guilty Pleasure: Being lazy.

Pets: My dog Snoop just died so I’m petless for now.

Favorite Artist/Song: September by Earth Wind and Fire is in the top three for sure. I enjoy too many genres of music to pick a favorite song or artist though.

How did you end up working at KVAY? I ended up having to leave Denver and come back to South East Colorado. KVAY lost an employee and I was eager to learn sales so it all just sort of came together. 

If you could add or change one thing to the Lamar area, what would it be? I would move the Lamar area North West just outside of Denver so I would be close to the mountains as well as all the pro sports teams and we would get more rain.  

Who did you want to be like when you were growing up? Jerry Rice, Michael Jordan, and Maverick (character from the movie Top Gun)

If you could meet one person past, present or future who would it be and why? John Wayne. Because he’s John Wayne.

If you were granted one wish, what would it be and why? Play pro football without injury. Football was my first passion I miss playing competitively.

What was the last book you read? An Incredible Hulk comic book.

If you could spend a whole day with somebody famous, who would it be? Jeremy (Twitch) Stenberg 

What's your favorite candy and soda? I’m not much for candy soda or sweets.