The Golden Plains Insurance
has been found!

Thanks to all you participated in this year's 5th annual search for the Golden Plains Insurance Blarney Stone.  Also, a big thank you to our sponsors:  Golden Plains Insurance in Lamar and Springfield, A-1 Rental and Sales, County Line C-Store in Wiley, J&N Shoes, Kiowa County Independent, Lamar Auto Parts NAPA, Pit Stop, Tri-County Ford, and Wash Spott Car Wash.

Where was it? 
Deadman State Wildlife Area northeast of Granada

Here is how each clue was to help you on your search:

Monday, March 2 - Clue 1

Leprechauns have broken in and stolen our stone.

Bring it home and a “pot of gold” you’ll be shown.

This clue details the rule that you will receive the $1,000 prize by returning the stone to the KVAY studio. 


Tuesday, March 3 - Clue 2

Those leprechauns might annoy us.

And if you trespass, they will make quite a fuss.

Clue reminds you that the rock is on public property with no reason to trespass. 


Wednesday, March 4 - Clue 3

Leprechauns are so excited for spring.

Searching the green may make you their queen or king.

“Searching the green” is designed to tell you that the stone was hidden in a wide open grass space. 


Thursday, March 5 - Clue 4

Leprechauns love green spreading across thousands of acres.

But a trip that far seemed a bit much for the stone’s caretakers.

This clue set the initial southern boundary as the Comanche National Grassland that spreads 440,000 acres. 


Friday, March 6 - Clue 5

Leprechauns always love visits from their family.

But they don’t expect a visit from their Uncle Chevy.

(For Pronunciation: Should be for actor Chevy Chase)

Actor Chevy Chase played Clark Griswold in the National Lampoon Vacation movie series.  The Griswolds visited their relatives including Cousin Eddie in Coolidge, Kansas. This clue establishes Coolidge as the initial eastern boundary. 


Monday, March 9 - Clue 6

Ninety of our little friends are in green properly attired. 

Six stayed back with the stone feeling expired.

This clue used “Ninety” and “Six” to establish State Highway 96 as the northern boundary.  The word “expired” was used as a synonym for “dead” as the stone was in Deadman Wildlife Area. 


Tuesday, March 10 - Clue 7

Tom and Kit weren’t known to play many games. 

Their stomping grounds is no place for leprechaun claims. 

Thomas Boggs and Kit Carson were notable citizens of Boggsville.  This clue established the historic site as the initial western boundary. 


Wednesday, March 11 - Clue 8

Beulah red may be important to some. 

For others, Irish green is what gets people to come. 

“Beulah Red” stone is the stone used for the Colorado state capitol building.  This was designed to let you know that the stone was found on land connected to the State of Colorado. 


Thursday, March 12 - Clue 9

Leprechauns love the sun, but not the flower. 

It is three and four leaf clovers that give them power. 

Leprechauns not liking a sunflower was to indicate to you that you can mark out any land in Kansas, the “Sunflower State,” from your original map. 


Friday, March 13 - Clue 10

The leprechauns are preparing for their special day.
Their celebration will take them off a highway. 

This clue let you know that you were going to have to get off major roadways to find the stone. 


Monday, March 16 - Clue 11

We have reached St. Patty’s Eve.
You will find the stone where the leprechauns' cousins'- the nymphs may grieve. 

Nymphs are mythological spirits of nature.  As the stone was hiding with a dead tree, they would grieve the tree’s death.  Grieving was also to remind you about death and the stone being in Deadman Wildlife Area. 


Tuesday, March 17 - Clue 12

The special day of green is finally here.
To find the stone, stick to our friends Tom, Ron, and Wendy’s sphere. 

Tom Grasmick, Ron Cook, and Wendy Buxton-Andrade are the Prowers County Commissioners.  This tells you the stone is in Prowers County. 


Wednesday, March 18 - Clue 13

Jovial leprechauns don’t like the number thirteen. 

Jaded and frustrated for this clue number can even make them mean.

This clue has both lines beginning with the letter “J.”  The stone was located in Deadman State Wildlife Area located on Prowers County Road JJ. 


Thursday, March 19 - Clue 14

You won’t find Lassie or Rover at a leprechaun’s house.
They prefer their best friend to be something to catch a mouse. 

A pet that catches mice is obviously a cat.  The mascots for Holly and Granada are ‘Cats. This clue was designed to tell you to look in the area of these two communities. 


Friday, March 20 - Clue 15

The leprechauns were asked famous people they would like to meet.
Their answers were Lincoln, Lennon, and Tommy Overstreet.

The three referenced people are all dead leading to Deadman State Wildlife area. 


Monday, March 23 - Clue 16
You can keep your social distance while visiting this animal area.
Being a dendrologist may help you end the leprechauns search hysteria. 

“Animal Area” was to get you to look specifically at wildlife areas.  A dendrologist is someone who studies trees. This line was to indicate the stone was hidden within a fallen tree. 


Tuesday, March 24 - Clue 17

Leprechauns have become lonely with only wildlife around. 
They and the stone sit with something brought down. 

Wildlife was again to get participants looking at wildlife areas.
“Something brought down” was to signal that the fallen tree is where the stone is waiting.


Wednesday, March 25 - Clue 18
At their party, for you, the leprechauns wait.
They’re down to three leaf clovers, eight pints of green beer, and five corned beef plates.

Three, Eight, and Five were to tell you the location is off highway 385. 

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